Soul Food: The Power of the Harvest

January 31, 2010 at 4:41 pm (Nutrition)

You can search the internet, turn the tv on, or talk to your co-workers and you will hear many differences when it comes to nutrition.  There exists an endless supply of research on the bio-chemistry of food and what it does for your body.  People’s food preferences are likened to one’s view of religion or politics because of the personal and deeply rooted conditioning that many have experienced.  What effect does our nutrition have on our Spirit?

There are many thoughts surrounding the effects of food on one’s spirit or soul.  Let’s say that you think of food as energy source.  The most basic and natural foods start out with as 10 (scale of 10, 10 being the best and 1 being poor) before they come to fruition.  It is helpful to use some examples to help you envision this notion.

Farmer A plants the seeds that were taken directly from his previous year’s harvest and stored in an ideal environment prior to planting.  He uses his bare hands in newly tilled soil that is free from any chemical toxins.  The water is pure and from a local source that has remained untainted.  The air that permeates the landscape has a fresh crispness can be felt upon a deep breath.

As the harvest grows, he is out caring for the crop by helping to weed the areas around each plant to ensure that there is no competition for the soils nutrients and water.  His excitement grows each day that is closer to harvest until it finally comes.  The harvest time is a gathering of his family and neighbors to help retrieve the bounty that has spent the months maturing.

The food is then taken and prepared, stored, and eaten in a manor that preserves the essence of the crops.  His bounty is shared in the local community and traded for other goods that his neighbors have.  Much of the overstock has been prepared, preserved, and dried in a traditional ways that helps to extend the essence of the food in a manner that is free of harmful chemicals.

Farmer B receives the seeds that were grown from various locations around the country and sometimes world.  His diesel machine turned the soil that has been in use for many years.  It has been “restored” with a plethora of unnatural chemicals that aid the food to grow.  His machines assist to plant the seeds in a robotic fashion.  The source of water is sprayed on from an irrigation supply that is pumped in from its area water facility and has been treated with other chemicals also help to keep bugs away.

The machines are also used to harvest along with some workers who are paid menial wages and are far from their own families.  An assembly collects the harvest and packages it to be delivered by trucks to various locations around the country.  Some of it is used in food plants that breaks down the food and prepares it with many other preservatives and chemicals to process it.  This is then shipped to other locations around the country to remain on shelves and purchased by many people.

These are both extreme examples to help illustrate what it takes to get a seed to your plate as food.  At this point the food from Farmer A is holding pretty strong as a level of 10.  There are not many hands that pass through the source to care and love the crops, so its essence remains.  The seeds that have been passed down have learned to resist the insects of the area, so the pesticides are not necessary.  The joy of the farmer is certainly shared with his local community.  Farmer B never touches his seeds or crops and the local community never receives any of the crops.  They are sprayed with pesticides and the soils has lost much of its nutrients from overuse.  This food is definitely at a 5 or 6 depending on the amount of handling to package or preserve it.

The actual handling of the food either chemically or mechanically affects the energy level of the plants.  It certainly is not something that is noticeable in the short term when we eat them, but it should warrant many to question its efficacy over a lifetime.  Many people know when something is homemade when they compare it to store bought, so why can’t this be applied to simple farming versus commercial farming.

Part of Food Renegade Fight back Fridays blog carnival.

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